Sunday, August 19, 2012

The Last Day

Day 5: The Last Day

We decided to get up and watch the sun rise this morning. It was lovely. I also collected some nice shells. Every trip to the beach I would collect a few. I found some really nice ones too. The sandpiper is always on the beach enjoying the local cuisine. He is neat to watch. He never lets the waves get him and runs back up the shore to avoid getting soaked.

 Breakfast today was turkey sausage links and the seasoned potatoes again. I got another waffle. I love my waffles. We then watched Good Morning America while our stomaches settled. It was a lovely morning and not too hot. The temperatures were great all week.

After a couple hours on the beach we decided it was time for lunch. We wanted to check out Zachary's Family Restaurant. Brian got a french dip au jus with fries and I got the ruben and fries. The ruben was good at first but the second half was not as good, it seemed like it had way too much dressing and the sauerkraut was not as tasty. Brian thought his sandwich was very good. The fries were also good. They were nice and crispy. 

After lunch we wanted to try out the frozen yogurt place to see how it compared to the place that just opened up next to us at home. This places had 2 more flavors than ours and had a ton more toppings to choose from than ours. It was also only 44 cents per ounce whereas the one at home is 55 cents per ounce. This place was really nice and very clean and nicely decorated. We liked it a lot.

We went back to the hotel to relax. About to take an afternoon nap and then Brian got a NWS alert on his phone and we both were like "OMG NO WAY" We didn't even get a severe thunderstorm warning. Went right to tornado warning. Kinda startled us a little. We hopped up and went to look outside to see how close it was to us. We also turned the TV to a local station to see the weather alert and saw the storm was south of us. We stood out on the balcony hoping to see a funnel cloud or tornado or waterspout. We could not see anything through the rain but kept watching. After it was over the new station showed photos viewers took of a waterspout forming from that storm. 

After the storms has past we went back to the beach! I found this cool looking shell but it was closed like a clam is and i did not know what it was. I put it back thinking it was a little animal living in it. I was walking up and down the shore looking for shells when the waves uncovered about 10 of these little things and a few were a very beautiful blue and all of a sudden just as fast as they were uncovered they buried themselves in the sand! I was so surprised I ran back to Brian to tell him and to grab my camera and hope to see them again. I got a few good videos of these little guys. They were so awesome and definitely made my night. We both love the beach so much I can't wait to plan our next vacation to a beach. 

We wanted to try out Boston Beef & Seafood for dinner and after a quick shower to get all the sand off of us we headed out to dinner. Brian got an appetizer of clam chowder soup, and I ordered the potato skins appetizer. For dinner I got a popcorn shrimp platter and Brian got the haddock platter. They each came with fries and onion rings. Everything was very delicious. We were going to use a visa gift card we had gotten and then the waiter came back saying the computers would not take the gift card. That was very shocking since they said they took mastercard and visa (the gift card was a mastercard). So we just used our debit card this time. We both cold not believe their restaurant could not take a gift card. 

Afterwards we chilled in the hotel room until bed time. We did not want the honeymoon to be over it was such a relaxing great week.

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