Monday, August 13, 2012

Day 0: Arrival in Cocoa Beach, FL.

Arrival Day: The Flight

There was a lot to think about going into how we wanted to travel. We could take one giant suitcase and pay 25 bucks to stow it away underneath a Delta Airlines plane or spend 0 dollars splitting up into our two tiny suitcases to take on the plane with us. The extra hassle of carrying all the extra stuff was not a big deal and we even got them to take our suitcases from us on our first flight because it was a small plane to get to Cincinnati, OH. 
The picture above is from our first layover in Cincinnati, OH. The airport was quite beautiful and very spacious. We both were quite impressed with its quality. I texted with my cousin Taylor while there and I'm happy that she's no Jenna Curtis.

Tamarah got a lot bolder during this flight (by sitting next to the window) and took tons of cool pictures (which will be posted online when we get back to DC). This flight was roughly two hours and wasn't that bad at all, the time almost flew by as Tamarah and I played some games on her iPad.

The Ground Travel

We've been to Orlando airport before, we spent some time with Tamarah's relatives and flew back to DC. We were fully expecting to see our beloved Portal for some easy travel ...

...but we weren't so lucky this time around so we decided that renting a car was the next best thing.

The Hertz guy tried talking to me into getting a convertible and spend and extra 150, but I was having none of that and demanded the original vehicle I had arranged many times. Instead they gave me a "upgrade" for free to a Dark Blue 2012 Nissan Sentra. This wasn't a bad deal and the 2012 version is quite nice. After a decent walk and a few checkpoints, we were off down the road towards Cocoa Beach.
The radar didn't look that great as we were landing, but thankfully the drive into Cocoa Beach was quite nice and I was very happy to see speed limits at 70MPH. There was one toll road and a switch over to a parallel road and before we could say our ABC's backwards we were arriving at our hotel.
It was starting to get late at this point and we really wanted to catch the sunset and see what kind of view we had from our room so I was hoping the hotel concierge would be a fast experience. The family in front of us seemed to care no less about having a line of three people behind them as they continued to barrage the poor worker with seemingly pointless questions they could have figured out on their own most likely. Thankfully we made it to our room just in time to catch this awesome sunset.
After this great view (not even from our room) we were quite hungry and headed out to find a place to eat.

 Brano's Italian Grill was our choice and we were quite pleased with the place. The ambiance was very wine colored with the grapes and the whites colored on the walls. The lighting was perfect for an italian place and our meals were absolutely amazing. Tamarah got a great chicken fresca and I got my favorite a chicken marsala with pasta. The marsala sauce was amazing and Tamarah was gung-ho about her cheese sauce, especially with her potatoes.

We got back and were both quite exhausted by the travel and meal and we got to bed around 11ish.

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