Monday, August 13, 2012

Life's A Beach

Day 1: Life's A Beach

The day started bright and early at 6:35am. We enjoyed a beautiful sunrise just a couple minute walk from the hotel! The sunrise was really wonderful. Taking in the moment and listening to the waves was absolutely peaceful.

Breakfast was complimentary at the hotel. They had a big spread and a variety. I was really excited for the waffle maker. Brian had a bagel and some eggs with ham and cheese. I also had the eggs. Their orange juice tasted really weird. Probably wont get that again. After relaxing a bit and letting our stomachs settle we headed over to Publix to get some sunblock (since ours was too large to bring on a carry-on) and picked up some snacks and drinks for the hotel room. When we got back we got into our swimsuits and heading to the beach! The section by the hotel was not packed at all compared to other parts looking down the shore. It was not super hot out and only a few clouds. Perfect beach day. The water felt cold at first on our feet but it warmed up quickly. It was fun getting hit by the waves. A piece of seaweed brushed my ankle and scared me so bad. I thought it was a fish or something else. The salt water tasted to gross. After a couple hours on the beach we decided to go to lunch.

Lunch was an IHOP visit just down the road. Nothing fancy, each of us got a bowl of soup, sandwich and fries. Then we went next door to a surf shop to get a boogie board and some postcards for Tamarah :) We figured since it was either $6 an hour or $16 a day to rent one, we would rather spend $10 and buy one. Afterwards we went back to the room and waited for our stomachs to settle again. Ended up taking a short nap. After waking up refreshed we got back into our swimsuits and headed back to the beach with our new boogie board. 

 When we made it down to the beach there was even less people than the morning. It was just past high tide so as we walked into the water we seemed to step on all the shells we saw this morning. We didn't have to walk out that far to have it up to our waists. We took turns on the boogie board. It was so much fun!! Trying to ride the waves too a little bit to get used to but we caught a few good ones and only scraped our knees a couple times on the sand. A storm was approaching so we headed inside to change and find a place for dinner.

We went to A New York Pizza House. It was a seat yourself kind of place, we found a table by the window and waited for the waitress. We ordered some garlic knots and a 16" pepperoni and sausage pizza. The garlic knots were nothing to rave about. They could have been a lot better. The pizza was good. We took the left overs for the room to eat later on. Our waitress seemed friendly. 

As we were eating guess what we saw outside the window? ...... A RAINBOW! For the second night in a row! It was awesome and went all the way across the sky. We missed the sunset because we were waiting dinner. But seeing the rainbow to end the night was perfect. After dinner we came back to the room and just relaxed for the rest of the night. It was a perfect beach day to start off the honeymoon! 

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