Thursday, August 16, 2012

Day 3: Relativity

Day 3: Relativity


Another day another adventure. We decided in the morning that we would check the sunrise in hopes to get another glorious morning like we did on day 1. It wasn't as glorious but it was still surely the coolest thing.
After that we decided to get some breakfast as per usual in the main foyer here at the hotel (it's free) and this time there was an interesting sausage gravy, other than that we got our usual which has been apple juice, scrambled eggs, and biscuits and Tamarah went back to have a second biscuit with jam.


After our breakfasts had time to settle we wandered our way down to the beach to get in some swimming and wading and sun. There were a TON of people on the beach, but as it seems down by the hotel entrance, there's almost nobody. I'm not complaining due to the open area for us to swim, it' just weird.
We spent about an hour at the beach and we didn't want to spend too many more because we were running out of our like 9th ounce of sun block. It seems no matter the size of the sun block we use a TON of it. Thankfully were both still not in pain, so I think it's doing the trick.

Next we spent the rest of the afternoon traveling and visiting Tamarah's relatives in Sanford. Her grandmother was not able to attend the wedding and ended up watching it through Skype. She needed to have more meaningful object from it so we brought a special gift to her and brought video's from my Aunt and Uncle of the dances from our wedding. They were tickled to death and we left very happy we were able to make them happy and have a good day.


We were here to get beach and waves and sun and we weren't going to leave that so we decided to catch some waves before we headed off to dinner. After we returned from Tamarah's relatives (3 hours worth of driving) we chilled on the beach where the sun was low and there was finally a reason for us to not worry about cooking and enjoying the mood. It was probably the most zen i've been in a long while. I got some swimming in and then laid on my back and watched the wispy clouds go by while listening to the sound of the waves hitting the shore and the families having fun around me. Here's a picture of a really long ship that has been chilling out on the horizon for a while. Tamarah also got a little "romantic" and decided to draw our names in the sand and put a heart in between. I guess marriage doesn't end the mushy romantic stuff?? :P

Lovely Sunset!

Because we ended up spending quite a bit of time on the beach we ran out of options for dinner. It was around 8:00 and we found a few places open until 9:00PM and hopped down the road into Sonny's Real Pit BBQ. Tamarah ordered the pulled pork and I ordered the pulled chicken. Everything was great, including the waiting staff. If we come down here again, we will not hesitate to go here again.
After putting up with a very loud and bright thunderstorm and finishing laundry at about 11:30PM we finally got the chance to go to bed.

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